Ping Ping Panda

Ping Ping Panda: The Power of Personal Responsibility is the sequel to Bernadette Shih’s extremely successful children’s book Ling Ling: The Most Beautiful Giant Panda in the World. Stephen Smoke is the co-author of the new book.

In the first book, Ling Ling is a young female panda who is proud of being “The Most Beautiful Panda in the World.” As with many young ladies, she is not satisfied with her looks. One day she manages to hide the black patches around her eyes–with disastrous results. Her friends–Owl, Firefly, Mouse, Frog and Sloth–want nothing to do with her.

Everything turns out all right in the end and Ling Ling learns that she is loved not for her looks but for who she is.

Ping Ping Panda:The Power of Personal Responsibility is a story about a panda in Western China who learns the value of personal responsibility.

panda musicians onstageWhen Ping Ping spends all his money during one afternoon with his friends, the young panda’s father refuses to give him any more.

“When I gave you money for the summer I told you it was your choice how you spent it.”

When Ping Ping’s friends hear about their friend’s money problems, they suggest that if Ping Ping’s father really loved him, he would give him more money.

The rest of the story is about how taking personal responsibility can provide more choices in your life, even if it doesn’t always seem like it at the time.

At its core, Ping Ping Panda is a story of a father’s love…and how it sometimes can be misunderstood.


Children’s author Bernadette Shih and novelist Stephen Smoke have collaborated to create a timely parable that is as fun to read as it is enlightening.

Well-known children’s book illustrator Diane Lucas did the paintings, and Margaret Smoke did the design and layout.

Ping Ping Panda is available in Kindle format and in softcover format.

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  1. C L

    Five stars. Fun read even for grownups. Imagine the fun reading it to my nephews!


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