BOR Awards

bor award2The Bill of Responsibilities Awards

The purpose of the Bill of Responsibility Awards is to acknowledge behavior, action, words and products that demonstrate personal responsibility.

If you believe that your book, film, product, school, activity, etc. meets the criteria described below, feel free to contact us. If you receive the award you may use the Bill of Responsibilities Award logo on your product or in promotion about your product.

The Awards Criteria

Defining “personal responsibility” is lot like defining “obscenity” — you might not be able to describe it, but you know it when you see it. For example, if you are a member of a particular political party, then you will often perceive the people you voted for to be decisive and responsible, while people of another party might describe those same actions as reckless and irresponsible. Still, there is some common ground regardless of your personal beliefs.

For example, if you believe that someone demonstrates, through action or product, taking personal responsibility for people and problems around them, this would be worthy of award consideration. Like a teacher forming an effective after-school program that results in less crime, higher grades, etc. Like a doctor volunteering a day a week or a month to provide care to people unable to afford it. Like a corporate entity donating time, personnel and/or products to help storm-devastated residents get back on their feet. Like writers and publishers developing ideas and programs that address important issues, such as bullying, or race, gender or age discrimination. Like private citizens or corporations setting up scholarships for students to attend college or in other ways helping to cultivate skill sets that help people create a better future for themselves and their families.

If you think someone may qualify for the Bill of Responsibilities Award, but you’re not sure, there’s no harm in asking. Just contact us and we’ll get back to you.

Awards Categories

These professions have been identified because they are critical to the way people think about themselves.



Annual Bill of Responsibilities Awards Ceremony

If anyone would like to lend assistance in making an Annual Bill of Responsibilities Awards ceremony a reality, please contact us. What we envision is an annual ceremony where nominees and – personal responsibility in general – are honored with awards and acknowledgements. The evening would include speeches from nominees and recipients, appropriate videos, speakers and champions of personal responsibility. The proposed event would be televised on cable and via the Internet.