Corporate BOR Training – Online

CORPORATE_cover_2When all employees, from the CEO to the person running the mailroom, understand and adopt quality corporate values, and are able to use those values to make decisions in their own spheres of responsibility, then a thousand employees become one entity moving in the same direction. The traditional vertical company becomes more horizontal. Satisfaction and reward are more evenly distributed, and a company has the potential to grow and not just change.

CEOs: Learn how to lead by example, inspire others, increase morale and minimize company politics. Learn how to determine, then publish and effectively implement corporate values and ethical standards.

Managers: Learn how best to motivate employees and create an atmosphere of “fairness, not fear” in the workplace.

Employees: Learn to clarify thier rights and responsibilities at work. Discover how to achieve personally and professionally at work, and how to communicate openly without fear of recrimination.

The Corporate Bill of Responsibilities gives readers a unique and no-nonsense guide to balancing corporate rights with corporate responsibilities, and individual rights with individual responsibilities. It is the author’s hope that corporations, employees and the community will understand the important synergies they share, and that they will all act on that knowledge in a more responsible manner that benefits them all.

A Corporate Bill of Responsibilities ONE DAY SEMINAR will soon be available, in both Online or On Site formats. For more information please Click Here.