“In the mental state of Responsibility, you are unstoppable.”

Christopher Avery

Learn to live and lead with freedom, choice, and power

The Responsibility Process provides an elegant window into our minds. Use it to lead yourself and others from stuck to free, from powerless to powerful, and from producing lackluster results to producing results that matter. And yes, build unstoppable teams and cultures too.

Declaration of Intention

Owning Our Power

We are teachers and guides of a freer, more powerful way to live and learn. And this is our declaration of intention for all to see and  understand.

Responsibility Process

Awareness of The Responsibility Process provides a framework for learning by individuals, teams, and organizations. It is the how-to model for taking, teaching, and inspiring personal responsibility

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New  Resources

Tools and resources I like, Happy New Year 2022

You will find 27 links to books, apps, and tools that you may find valuable. Where relevant, I explore how that item can support your Responsibility-thinking practice.


2021 Year in Review

As it did for so many businesses, the pandemic gave us lots of opportunity in 2020 to ask ourselves what we are doing and why, repeatedly. All the fun and easy speaking gigs had dried up. The glitz of international travel was gone.

Take the next step

Immerse yourself in a Responsibility culture to expose and counteract the coping culture you live in now.

Freedom, Power, Choice

Take advantage of the structure and support of experienced guides and fellow travelers to go deeper, faster.

Responsibility Immersion is a 20-week semester that you can integrate right into your life from the first meeting. Nothing will have more impact on your future.

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