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Over the past 30 years

Dr. Christopher Avery has introduced The Responsibility Process to many thousands of people through hundreds of conferences, corporations, government, nonprofit and professional gatherings, and leadership retreats. Its impact is undeniable: You’ll see posters of The Responsibility Process in headquarters, conference rooms, universities, homes, schools and offices throughout the world — translated into 27 languages and counting. In fact, you or someone you know may already be practicing this material.

Now for the first time

Registration is now open for a 20-week structured deep dive into The Responsibility Process – Responsibility Immersion. Our longstanding membership group known as The Leadership Gift™ Program will continue to offer opportunities to practice mastering Responsibility. New members will be added by invitation only, and all Responsibility Immersion Graduates will receive an invitation.

An Invitation For You

We invite you to review and share our new home and offerings. We’ll be adding more community-driven content and Q&A about Responsibility in the coming weeks and months. Be among the first to register for Responsibility Immersion and speed your journey toward mastering Responsibility.

Who is a member of the Responsibility Community?

You, by showing interest!

Why Join? As a member of the Responsibility Community, you, your team, family and your organization can be rewarded with ongoing dialogue about what true Responsibility means, how to practice it and what noticeable, positive impacts it brings to life and work.

Our new company name and home on the web call us to this expanded purpose. We are continually seeking and finding new ways to serve and freely share content.

Let us know how we can support you in deepening your own Responsibility practice. Or just send us a kudos. We’d love to hear from you!

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