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Our work is rooted in the behavioral science framework — The Responsibility Process®. This powerful framework is the world’s first proven how-to approach for understanding, teaching, and taking personal responsibility. It helps us apply our innate leadership ability to face and overcome any challenge. Operating in freedom, power, and choice, we encourage and support those we lead to do likewise.



Awakening innate freedom, choice, and power in people everywhere by helping them see how personal responsibility works in the mind to keep one stuck or propel one forward.


We envision a world where all leaders lead themselves with The Responsibility Process. It is the worlds #1 leadership tool.

That means The Responsibility Process poster hangs in every office, home, school, and church in the world, where people put it to use in their thoughts and actions.


Our three guiding stars:

  • Responsibility. We own our power and ability to create, choose, and attract our reality. We demonstrate this in everything we do — and respond to — every day. It is our prime directive.
  • Service. We are in service to you and to each other. We earn your business by serving first.
  • Love. Growth, change, and healing accrues fastest under conditions of loving-kindness and compassion.


Our current focus is to make a huge dent in the leadership space by showing that leadership is Responsibility.

How many Responsibility practitioners in our community will it take to achieve this? 10,000,000? 100,000,000?


Create happy customers and earn superfans. Our core tactic for doing so is delivering valuable no-selling content to the inboxes of everyone in the Responsibility Community.

The Responsibility Company explores and advances Responsibility*-thinking using The Responsibility Process® and related tools.

*Capital R “Responsibility” indicates our meaning of the word which we define as owning one’s power and ability to create, choose, and attract one’s reality.

The promise is that this way of thinking always translates to ever-increasing freedom, choice, and power for self and others.

Freedom means being released from stuckness, coping, and self-torment.

Choice means deciding to do what you desire and experiencing abundance as opposed to lack.

Power means personal power through self-empowerment, i.e., the ability to be, do, and have what you want.


Christopher Avery

Christopher Avery, Ph.D.


When Christopher Avery was a management consultant, this was his driving question: Why are so many smart people unhappy at work?

25 years ago, Christopher realized that the most useful skills he was teaching his smart, ambitious, professional clients were coping skills. They needed coping skills because they were stuck in a suffocating culture that systematically disempowered and controlled them. An insidious control cycle kept well-meaning, high-performing leaders and key contributors at all levels from doing their best, taking risks, learning, and operating with freedom, power and choice for the organizations’ best interests.

His own career trajectory changed forever when Christopher began working with an emerging behavioral science framework — The Responsibility Process. This powerful framework is the world’s first proven how-to approach for understanding, teaching, and taking personal responsibility. It helps us apply our innate leadership ability to face and overcome any challenge. Operating in freedom, power, and choice, we encourage and support those we lead to do likewise.

Hundreds of organizations worldwide have discovered that The Responsibility Process is the most direct, effective method for establishing a high-functioning culture that can achieve personal, team and organizational transformation and retain talent. The worldwide community of leaders who work with Christopher to master The Responsibility Process are transforming teams and organizations all over the world.

A speaker with wisdom and charisma, Christopher is popular with audiences interested in agility, effective leadership (not more leaders), and results that benefit the organization and the employees.

His classic work, Teamwork Is An Individual Skill, inspires everyone who wants to be done with bad teams. His latest book, The Responsibility Process, offers practices gleaned from 25 years of applied research on responsibility-taking and leadership. He’s the host of The Leadership Gift Program and its worldwide community of leaders and coaches who are mastering responsibility and reaping lifelong benefits.

Bill McCarley

Bill McCarley

Responsibility Master & Websites Leader

The Responsibility Company is very fortunate to have Dr. Christopher Avery’s mentor on our team now as mentor to The Leadership Gift Program members and chief web developer. With every change and adaptation, Bill helps to ensure the quality, consistency and vitality of our message. He can be reached at

Sara Lohman

Sara Lohman

Member Care / Administration

Sara coordinates The Leadership Gift Program from her home near Missoula, Montana USA. She is a stay-at-home mom with a background in office management who values her personal and professional relationships with members and customers. Membership management is her area of expertise. Those with questions or comments about their membership or related services may reach her at

Beth Heffernan

Beth Heffernan

Member Care / Accounting

Beth’s operational expertise helps The Responsibility Company run smoothly. She keeps systems (and money) flowing from her paradise on Whidbey Island, Washington state USA. Members and customers who have payment questions or related issues can reach Beth at

Joseph C Thomas

Joseph C. Thomas

Joe supports our customers, develops products, and improves our operations. Retired from DTE Energy (Detroit, Michigan USA) Joe was an IT leader, manager, program and project manager, early agile adopter, lean aficionado, and continuous improvement green belt. And, Joe has been a Responsibility practitioner for more than ten years. 

He lives near Tucson, Arizona USA, with his wife Robin and enjoys home improvement projects, hiking, and everything about the Sonoran Desert environment. Reach Joe at

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