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Guidance for Teaching Responsibility

Here’s a brief guide to benefit anyone who wants to teach others about Responsibility. Everyone, including you, has the opportunity to teach Responsibility.

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Tools and resources I like, Happy New Year 2022

You will find 27 links to books, apps, and tools that you may find valuable. Where relevant, I explore how that item can support your Responsibility-thinking practice.

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2021 Year in Review

As it did for so many businesses, the pandemic gave us lots of opportunity in 2020 to ask ourselves what we are doing and why, repeatedly. All the fun and easy speaking gigs had dried up. The glitz of international travel was gone.

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Breaking Up Well

Many don’t know how to end relationships well, whether it’s an employment relationship, a personal one, or a business contract. Responsibility-thinking helps tremendously.

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Respond or React?

I often get one piece of delightfully positive feedback from others. They say:
“I can recognize if someone has gone through Responsibility Immersion: They speak with such deliberate intention.
When this happens I ask ‘You practice Responsibility, don’t you?’ And they smile and nod ‘Yes'”

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Be Bigger Than Any Problem

I’ve been ill. Quite ill. For years.

And, I’m bigger than this problem.

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Declaration of Intention

We are teachers and guides of a freer, more powerful way to live and learn. And this is our declaration of intention for all to see.

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A Pivot to More Value

I’ve noticed myself complaining internally — and occasionally out loud to Responsibility community confidants — that I want to spend less time managing The Responsibility Company operations and more time creating and delivering valuable Responsibility content.

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What We Do With Your Email Address

The more we study and teach Responsibility the more respect we gain for you as a precious being. We are evolving how we treat your email address and you. This article outlines our policy and practices.

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