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“The business of the news is to capture your attention, and piss you off or frustrate you or get you emotional.”



Let’s talk about the news.

Statistical analysis of the use of language in news, all media, over the last 50 years shows that the use of dramatic words like awful, bad and horrible has increased dramatically.

Use of more optimistic words like good, hopeful and positive has decreased; and yet the conditions on our planet actually have never been better.

The news is the drama business, and drama sells.

So if you think everything’s horrible on our planet, it’s probably because you’re paying attention to the news.

The business of the news is to capture your attention, and piss you off or frustrate you or get you emotional.

You are the news.

Buckminster Fuller said, “The news is not in the newspapers or on TV, or now on the internet,” said, “You are the news.” When we greet each other and we say, “What’s new?” That’s the news.

For me, the news is what I can touch in my world. The news is keeping up with the difference that I want to make.

Here’s something that you can do today.

Choose your news. Choose what you want to expose yourself to, realize that you and your pursuits and your community is probably your most important news.

If there’s something going on in the world, in the news, that upsets you, then maybe it’s time for you to go do something about it.

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