Coaching with Responsibility Mentoring


Get coaching with a twist. Our coaches are also Responsibility-thinking mentors.

You get performance improvement via coaching and personal leadership growth — wisdom — via Responsibility mentoring.

Only coaches with years of experience practicing Responsibility in their own life can provide Responsibility mentoring. You can only get this from The Responsibility Company.


You likely have specific coaching requirements. Get a coach (who is also a Responsibility mentor) with one or more of these skill sets:

Who is a candidate?

We support people who want to learn and apply Responsibility-thinking to their life and work, including:

  • Owners, founders, senior leaders
  • Leadership teams
  • Coaches, consultants, guides
  • High-income professionals


For Individuals

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Rapid-breakthrough session

A single session is often used to break through a nagging problem, indecision, or to explore and expand horizons. The goal is for you to experience a breakthrough that gives you clarity of thought and action. You get unstuck (freedom), realize your next step (choice), and feel in “go” mode (power).

Growth sprint

Use a 5-session package for a specific performance goal, growth goal, or steering through a transition. The goal of each session is significant expansion and progress toward owning your life — i.e., experiencing freedom, choice, and power. (20% discount over the single session investment.)

Private Mastery

This is an ongoing commitment to personal growth and life mastery. You meet with your mentor regularly to set goals and pursue them. The goal of each session is for you to discover newfound freedom, choice, and power as you learn and master Responsibility-thinking.

You will likely build a close relationship with your mentor-coach who will support you unconditionally. You will enjoy the highest level of access with your mentor-coach.

For Teams

Our Founder and CEO, Christopher Avery wrote the book on shared responsibility and leadership. Teamwork is An Individual Skill is widely used, cited, and quoted today. Call on us for brief or extended engagements to apply Responsibility-thinking to

Regions and languages

Worldwide, depending on language.

We can operate in English, Dutch, Finnish, and German.

Next steps


If you:

  • have a specific opportunity to explore,
  • intend to grow in order to take ownership of what you want to change, and,
  • have a budget for services, 

then we would enjoy having a discovery call to explore a proposal for services.

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