Webinar Recap: Reclaim Your Life this Year

22 July 2020 WEBINAR RECAP

How to Build the Meta-Skill of Responsibility-Thinking

and Reclaim Your Life this Year

We had four short info segments plus real customers telling their own success story. Watch each of these below. Download a PDF of Christopher’s cards and follow along.

A brief introduction to Responsibility-thinking with The Responsibility Process®

Kassandra Barteaux

Certified Responsibility Graduate, re-oriented her life and elevated her career

Why and how to adopt Responsibility-thinking

George L. Reed II

Hires Certified Responsibility Graduates to own problems and take leadership

How Responsibility Immersion can save you 10 years or more over the DIY route

Elisa Heikura

Certified Responsibility Graduate, took surprising ownership of her life

Rhonda Day

Certified Responsibility Graduate, went after the role she wanted instead of the one she was handed

Your Questions


Are you ready to stop coping, and start growing?

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