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How to Build the Meta-Skill of Responsibility-Thinking

and Reclaim Your Life this Year

22 July 2020, 11 a.m.

USA Central (Austin, TX) / UTC -5
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Christopher Avery, PhD

I know. Another Zoom webinar

This could be the 9th most-boring info-session of the week.

So why should you give this your attention? 

I’ll show you how to build the meta-skill of taking 100% Responsibility for anything. Anything.

You are born with this ability. It’s innate in you. And it’s powerful. 

I’ll show you how it works. It’s proven (because it is natural and organic — it’s already in you).

Why should you build this meta-skill?

Because the ability-to-respond is the very essence of mental management for 

  • change, 
  • agility, 
  • problem solving, and yes, 
  • self-leadership.

And because you can use Responsibility-thinking to

  • get off the hamster wheel
  • take ownership of your mind and your life
  • face any obstacle
  • overcome every challenge
  • get out of ruts
  • produce results that matter
  • be a better decision maker
  • be more free, powerful, and at choice
  • be a better teammate, friend, and family-member

Why am I giving this away?

That’s simple.

First, because I want you to build the meta-skills for Responsibility-thinking, develop your Responsibility practice, and produce results that matter for yourself and others.

I also want you to make an informed choice about getting involved in Responsibility Immersion Cohort 3.

What’s the webinar content?

  1. A brief introduction to Responsibility-thinking with The Responsibility Process®. (There’s tons of DIY content out there so we won’t dwell here long.)
  2. Why and how to adopt Responsibility-thinking
  3. How Responsibility Immersion can save you 10 years or more over the DIY route
  4. Your questions

Additionally, I promise no bonus whatsoever for staying around until the end of the webinar. Leave any time you’ve had enough. No triggers. No ploys.

There will be no special offers. (Well, I might change my mind for you. We’ll see.)

And no slide presentation!! (Scout’s honor. Really, 1974. Richard Nixon signed my Eagle certificate.)

Just straight-forward useful information and Q&A about how Responsibility Immersion helps you activate a Responsibility practice in 20 weeks so you can

  • stop coping and start growing
  • be an inspiring leader (and attract followers who practice Responsibility)
  • develop clear self-leadership and profound wisdom
  • lead self-organizing teams
  • coach like a superstar (so other people practice Responsibility)
  • build cultures of ownership
  • live YOUR life (not theirs), and,
  • a bunch of other nice benefits


Wednesday 22 July 2020, 11 a.m.
USA Central (Austin, TX) / UTC -5
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The spaces are limited, but we probably won’t hit that limit (unless you go and tell your friends who you wish would take responsibility!). Still, I recommend you register here now .

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Will we record this?

Yes. If you can’t attend live we’ll send you the recording — assuming we remember to record. So go ahead and claim your spot now.

If you are reading this, it means that you didn’t fill in the form. So fill in the form so we can explore a better life together. Do it now.

Or, keep struggling with all the insanity around you, and coping, and wondering why.

To your freedom, choice, and power,


P.S. I love you and want the world for you. And I know this material delivers when you apply it. I suspect you know that too. So fill out the form!

P.P.S. If someone recommended this webinar to you, consider that they love you and want the best for you. Fill out the form and attend.

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