Is it possible to stop triggering The Responsibility Process?

Is it possible to stop triggering The Responsibility Process?

Ari from Northern Europe asks

As we know, The Responsibility Process® kicks in when we face an issue that we think is a problem. The key is then to catch ourselves earlier and earlier from behaving from the coping states.

Question: Is it possible to become so professional in practicing this process that we are able to avoid the first step, which is defining the issue as a problem?

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I respond

The answer to your question calls on understanding the psychology of Responsibility, which is quite precise.

Yes, it is possible to stop The Responsibility Process from being triggered. However, it is from something other than repeated successful Catch Sooner.

Instead, it is from not being triggered in the first place.

How do you do that?

By not judging something as being bad or wrong — a problem.

To do that, you re-condition or re-program yourself using the three keys to Responsibility:

  • Intention – Intend to respond from Responsibility when things go wrong.
  • Awareness – Catch yourself in the coping states sooner and sooner
  • Confront – Face yourself to see what is true that you can learn, correct, or improve

These three keys are presented in detail in chapter 4 of The Responsibility Process (book). They are also illustrated in numerous articles and videos. Here’s a search worth checking out.

Want an example?

Let’s say you make a mistake in front of others. Your mental program codes that as wrong, thus triggering The Responsibility Process.

There is no one else to blame, and you reject Justify, but you land in Shame and are embarrassed. This happens over and over throughout your life until you choose to take 100% Responsibility for it.

Then, through the Intention to grow towards freedom, power, and choice; and the Awareness that there is nothing wrong with you, you successfully and completely clear the mental program (belief, idea, thought) that you shouldn’t make a mistake.

You can make a mistake and still be completely okay.

After that, you make mistakes in front of others without triggering The Responsibility Process.

That’s freeing.

Awareness is cool

In consciousness work (that’s work you do on yourself to grow in consciousness by aligning with higher truths; clearing triggers, hot buttons, and baggage; understanding your shadow side; and more), this re-programming is called “acceptance.” It means accepting things as they are and not judging them as good/bad or right/wrong.

Doing so is challenging because you are programmed (through conditioning) to rely so heavily on the concepts of good/bad and right/wrong. You are deeply conditioned — programmed — to judge everything all the time.

Responsibility Immersion participants learn how to give up good/bad and right/wrong, replacing them with constructs such as like/don’t like and want/don’t want.

Doing so makes you much more free, powerful, and at choice.

You may have encountered this line of poetry from Rumi:

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”

I now from my own Responsibility practice that field is freeing.

The short story, The Old Man and His Horse, also offers a compelling illustration about seeing things as they are, without judgment, and the freedom in doing so.

So, if you want to stop triggering The Responsibility Process, start seeing more and more of your world as perfect. That’s freedom.

“The experience you are having is perfect, your role is to see its perfection.” ~ Buckminster Fuller

Ari continues the exchange

Thank you for your comprehensive answer!

So it can be said that the ultimate target for us is acceptance and The Responsibility Process acts like a “change management tool” that supports us to be more aware of our mental processes.

And maybe this “re-coding” is eventually easier for reoccurring problems when we face “the same problem” several times, but as we all know, there will be a constant flow of new issues for us…and some of them are then “problems” for us, and The Responsibility Process kicks in.

I reply again

Ari, I like and agree with your idea that practicing Responsibility works as a personal change management tool. Thank you for that.

I would not say that acceptance is the ultimate target. The ultimate target is found in the definition of Responsibility as seen on the poster:

Owning your ability and power to create, choose, and attract.

(Which results in ever increasing freedom, choice, and power.)

What does that mean?

It means you are constantly creating, choosing, and attracting your reality. You just aren’t constantly owning that you are doing so. (And that’s why taking Responsibility for your life means taking Responsibility for your crazy mind).

Acceptance is one of many powerful principles that Responsibility students become increasingly aware of.

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