Launching Your Responsibility-Thinking Practice


Launching Your Responsibility-Thinking Practice offers the deepest dive into developing a Responsibility practice outside of participating in Responsibility Immersion or Responsibility Mastery.

Launching Your Responsibility-Thinking Practice invites you into a culture of Responsibility. Why? The only way for 99.9% of people to develop a Responsibility-thinking practice is to immerse themselves in a Responsibility culture.

Launching Your Responsibility-Thinking Practice includes lessons, exercises, live engagement, and group mentoring at a fraction of the investment of our other programs.

Unlike any of our other programs, Launching Your Responsibility-Thinking Practice offers group mentoring sessions at times that are convenient worldwide — whether you are in Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, or the Americas.

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I want to ensure that we are on the same page before you purchase the product.

Responsibility-Thinking: From Coping to Growing provides the foundation that the course builds on. It makes sure you are clear on the basics.

Responsibility-Thinking: From Coping to Growing reviews essential concepts, tools, and principles that we consider “Responsibility 101.”

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You will receive five daily emails; each takes five minutes or less to read:

  1. What is the problem Responsibility-thinking solves?
  2. The Responsibility Process® as a signal device
  3. The Three Keys to Responsibility
  4. Launching your Responsibility-thinking practice
  5. Accelerating your growth

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