Launching Your Responsibility-Thinking Practice


Launching Your Responsibility-Thinking Practice offers the deepest dive into developing a Responsibility practice outside of participating in Responsibility Immersion or Responsibility Mastery.

Launching Your Responsibility-Thinking Practice invites you into a culture of Responsibility. Why? The only way for 99.9% of people to develop a Responsibility-thinking practice is to immerse themselves in a Responsibility culture.

Launching Your Responsibility-Thinking Practice includes lessons, exercises, live engagement, and group mentoring at a fraction of the investment of our other programs.

Unlike any of our other programs, Launching Your Responsibility-Thinking Practice offers group mentoring sessions at times that are convenient worldwide — whether you are in Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, or the Americas.

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I want to ensure that we are on the same page before you purchase the product.

Responsibility-Thinking: From Coping to Thriving defines Responsibility and coping. It explains why you cope, how Responsibility enables you to thrive, and provides a basic explanation of two tools essential to starting your own Responsibility-thinking practice.

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You will receive several daily emails; each takes a few minutes to read:

  1. Responsibility doesn’t mean what you think it means
  2. The secret to thriving is how you perceive responsibility
  3. The ways society conditions you to cope instead of thrive
  4. Use The Responsibility Process® to avoid poor mindset traps
  5. How the Three Keys of Responsibility lead to self-empowerment
  6. The key “Next Steps” in developing your Responsibility-Thinking practice

At the end of the free series, you will have an opportunity to purchase Launching Your Responsibility-Thinking Practice.

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