The Leader’s Guide for Teamwork is an Individual Skill

The Leader’s Guide for Teamwork is an Individual Skill

Get your free, 27-page PDF of The Leader’s Guide as a supplement to Teamwork Is an Individual Skill.

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Readers of Teamwork is an Individual Skill who want to get the most out of the book or discuss with others.
Leaders, Team Members, Trainers and Facilitators

The Leader’s Guide for Teamwork is an Individual Skill is a free, 27-page resource for leaders, members, trainers and consultants who are intent on developing team leadership abilities in themselves, their teams, and their clients.

This is the supplement Christopher mentions in his book Teamwork Is An Individual Skill: Getting Your Work Done When Sharing Responsibility. It enhances the book’s message and will save you time because it is designed to direct you to the sections that are most valuable for your particular situation. It also helps to review Teamwork Is An Individual Skill.

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“The value I intend to offer you through this guide is clarity of organization and focus. The Guide can quickly direct you to the most useful sections and exercises in Teamwork Is an Individual Skill based on your team development needs and situation. That can save you time and help you develop clarity about what to do to build your team.

This guide can also help you review the material in Teamwork Is an Individual Skill from different points of view since the guide is organized around the team development roles of manager, leader, member, trainer, and consultant.”

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