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Mastery is a membership community that provides ongoing support for mastering Responsibility and reshaping your life.

Unlock immediate access to other members, faculty, leaders, practice founders Christopher Avery and Bill McCarley, as well as accreditation, and the full library of materials.

Maybe you are ready for Mastery. Maybe you’re not — yet.

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Mastery is our most powerful program. And, it is not for everyone.

Most people start with Responsibility Immersion first.

The difference between Responsibility Immersion and Mastery

Immersion is an intensive time-bound course to help you begin a Responsibility practice.

Mastery supports you in making ongoing, substantive change.

  • In Mastery, you are never more than a few days away from hopping on a live call to get support and clarity.
  • Enjoy 24/7 support from other members, leaders, and founders through the Slack forum.
  • You also unlock opportunities for accreditation and life-long learning (including the full library of materials).
  • Perhaps most importantly,  you can shape and expand the message and the community. You can collaborate with the most Responsible people in the world.

Ask any Mastery member about the huge impact this community has had on their life.

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Comparing Immersion with Mastery

Feature Immersion Mastery
Study the content via the 8 Core Modules One 20-week cohort Unlimited access
Q&A Dialogs One 20-week cohort Unlimited access
Application Mastery 7 sessions during one cohort Ongoing access to all Mastery sessions
Forums Limited access Full access
Earn the Certified Responsibility Graduate (CRG) designation Yes
If completed during cohort
Mastery members may complete CRG requirements on their own schedule
Special Topic Modules (advanced content applying Responsibility thinking to topics such as Change, Trust, Teamwork, Partnering, and more) No access Full access
Join the accreditation program and be recognized as a Responsibility Practitioner Yes
Then be recognized as a Responsibility Coach Yes
Then a Responsibility Mentor Yes
And then a Responsibility Master Yes
Unlock access to Mastery with Bill (advanced mastery for Practitioners and above, focusing on Extreme Responsibility) Yes
Demonstrate your readiness for a position as Immersion Faculty Yes
Serve as guest host for Q&A Dialog or Application Mastery Yes
Contribute your expertise to a new Special Topic Module (collaborate with Christopher or another to develop and deliver) Yes
Unlock access to the entire content library of MP3s and PDFs — 10+ years of Core Modules, Q&A Dialogs, Special Topic Modules, and Mastery with Bill replays. Yes

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Your investment for Responsibility Mastery

Monthly $297 per month (available after completing Responsibility Immersion, or after one year of Mastery)
Or Annual $2,997 per year

Our Money Back Guarantee

Let us take your risk. Try Mastery for 60 days.
If for some reason it is not what you expected it to be, contact Member Care for a full refund of your Mastery investment.

The $2997 a year is good value. Because of my involvement in this program I have not hired a personal coach for a couple years now which would have cost from $4000 to $8000/year. To cap it off, I get to spend time with and get coaching and mentoring from Christopher Avery and Bill McCarley!

Mike Edwards, Responsibility Mentor
author of Activate Your Leadership

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