My Responsibility Immersion Experience

Kassandra Barteaux

My Responsibility Immersion Experience

Kassandra Barteaux

In 2014, I achieved one of my goals, to break into management before I was 30 years old.  It seemed so important to me at the time, yet I felt empty and unfulfilled. Although it gave me the title, it lacked value and I was for the first time in my career lost.

I was also first introduced to The Leadership Gift Program (now known as Responsibility Immersion and Responsibility Mastery) in 2014. At the time, I approached it as a career building block, another certificate/course to add to my resume. I was an energetic and driven young professional looking to achieve her next goal, all the while planning the next and the one after that. Like past accomplishments, I received the certificate of completion and focused on my next goal.

As a child, I spent a great deal of time compiling beliefs about what it meant to be successful. Focused entirely on the external factors and not nearly enough time listening to my internal voice. Climb the professional ladder, work hard, make money, gain power/authority, insecurities and beliefs around being a woman in business, sacrifices have to be made and how to have it all, were all top of mind.

Funny it wasn’t until 2019 when I re-enrolled in Responsibility Mastery did my reflection surface. It was not simply another program it had become an intrinsic part of my value system. Or perhaps rather, a part of my value system that had existed all along but was overshadowed by the definition I had built as a child of what it meant to be “successful.”

The career, relationship, friendship, and family choices I had made over the five-year period always reflected the Responsibility practice. I would catch myself referencing the practice when I was faced with problems or life choices. It had stuck with me!

The secret I have learnt is that “having it all” is your own intrinsic definition

I am incredibly grateful for the path that has led me to the Responsibility Community. I continue to “achieve success” but under my own terms, by building relationships, valuing individuals, working in an industry that makes a difference, and investing in myself, my family, and my friends. In all aspects of my life, both my inner voice and level of fulfillment have never been stronger.

I am proud of the mother, wife, colleague, friend, and daughter I am today and excited and empowered for the path ahead. Not to mention I have a community of individuals that continue to push me to be Responsible.

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Kassandra Barteaux entered Responsibility Immersion as a Senior Project Manager, and emerged as the Director, Program Management Office at the Canadian Red Cross.

She currently oversees large enterprise-wide projects and transformation initiatives, including many of the current COVID-19 initiatives.

Kassandra credits The Responsibility Process® study, and community, with empowering her approach to accepting, negotiation, and onboarding as the Director from a place of Freedom, Choice and Power.

She felt confident in her value, desire for the role, and ensured effective negotiation and expectations were set prior to accepting.

Kassandra has a passion for leadership and empowering the teams she works with to achieve greatness. She lives with intention and is grateful to the community.

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“Between stimulus and response is a space.
In that space is the freedom and power to choose.”

Steven Covey
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