Launching Your Responsibility-Thinking Practice

Start this six-week course at your convenience. It’s a low-risk way for anyone to take a deep dive into Responsibility-thinking and launch your own practice.

Responsibility Immersion

Immersion activates Responsibility-thinking by immersing you in a Responsibility culture for 20 weeks.  It’s a powerful program that participants find deeply transformational. 

Responsibility Mastery

Mastery is the companion program to Responsibility Immersion. It’s a membership program that supports life mastery through mentoring with peers and experts. The Mastery community operates with a culture of Responsibility which is the secret sauce to rapid personal growth and transformation.

Coaching with Responsibility Mentoring

Engage one of our coaches and get a Responsibility-thinking mentor. This goes deeper and faster than coaching alone. You get performance improvement and personal leadership growth.

Corporate Solutions

Get tailored solutions for Responsible teamwork, leadership, agility, change, engagement, culture, and more. Deliver the optimal content, in the optimal modality, to the optimal audience, at the optimal time.

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