“The price of greatness is responsibility.”

Winston Churchill

Don’t you wish everyone around you would take responsibility for their actions and results?

It would be a better world. Our relationships would be stronger. Our teams would achieve more. Many people agree that taking responsibility is the first principle of success. But until now, experts couldn’t tell you how to take responsibility — only that you should.

A Responsibility practice helps you confront:

Being stuck

Persistent, pesky problems

Underperforming organizations

Leadership performance

Relationship issues

Low performing teams

Poor personal choices

Feeling powerless and undervalued

But HOW does a person take responsibility? Is it a character trait, or can it be learned? What’s the difference between responsibility and accountability? How do we know where the line should be between human beings? Is it a practice we can learn to develop?

Yes! And there’s one place to start that is in your control:
Honing your ability to respond resourcefully in any circumstances.

Developing a robust personal practice of Responsibility is the single most important thing you can do to improve:

  • Your quality of life and personal satisfaction
  • Your results and impact in the world
  • Your relationships with others
  • Your ability to effectively lead others — regardless of your current role or position
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Every human being initially reacts to anything going wrong with one of six distinct mental coping states. When we’re upset—facing a problem—our minds start a rapid search for cause and effect.

The Responsibility Process
These coping states are active in all of us, several times a day

We can’t skip these mental coping states, but we can learn to move more rapidly, reliably through them to reach the resourceful, powerful state of Responsibility.

Responsibility is where we can think clearly, make clear, empowered choices and create solutions that produce the life and results we seek.

The Responsibility Process explains how we get stuck, and offers us a way to move forward. It’s a innate process, not a character trait. We can learn to recognize where we are in the process, and work our way up to Responsibility.

It sounds simple, and it is fairly straightforward. But it is not easy, and it takes practice.
Responsibility Mastery
Responsibility Mastery Community

People all over the world are working hard — together — to master Responsibility. Several people teach the method in workshops or as part of their leadership rhythms, and thousands practice as part of our worldwide community.

It’s so much easier to make progress together! 

Jakub Kosiak

“Although you may not know it, you have a great influence on my life. Thank you for increasing my awareness.”

Jakub Kosiak

Craig Dial

Having a Responsibility practice is like having a treasure map that actually works – you find so much more gold than stumbling around in the dark.

Craig Dial
Responsibility Immersion Faculty Member, ScrumSensei, CPanel

Judith Mills

350 people in 9 countries have become way more productive than we ever imagined. Today we produce twice the software with half the headcount.

VP Product Engineering Operations, CDC Software, USA

Curtis Verstraete

It gave me a fundamental capability that now I wonder how I ever managed to do without.

Curtis Verstraete
President, Bishop Information Group, Inc, Canada

Towo Toivola

I gained more ability, but more importantly, my quality of life has increased significantly and continues to do so. Today I am happier, healthier and more free, and I continue to enjoy the program and the wonderful community around it.

Towo Toivola
Agile Competence Lead, Siili Solutions, Finland

Barbara Misiur

“After the workshop, I was the best version of myself. Working with The Responsibility Process is one of the best things that has happened in my life. Thank you so much and I look forward to take part in your next courses.”

Barbara Misiur
Scrum Mastery, Poland

Thomas Houdeshell

My life and career transcended to a new level. The business went into hyper speed. We have simply become one of the top-performing companies in our industry.

Thomas Houdeshell
President Of Atek Plastic

Clebar de Cunha Pinto

“I go through the responsibility process several times a day. It is helping me to be happier with my own decisions and helping my clients to lead and empower people, for real. 🙂 It is simple yet so powerful and difficult to master, but worth investing your time to learn, to become aware, to confront your thoughts and beliefs.”

Clebar de Cunha Pinto
Lean - Agile Coach, Peru

Ian Brockbank

A year ago, I was struggling. I was overwhelmed by problems and demands, I wasn’t happy with the direction my job was going. In the last year of working with Christopher, I have worked out what matters to me and what I really want. I give the team space to take responsibility and ownership for their delivery. I found a different way to inspire people in their work, and I am enjoying it so much more.

Ian Brockbank
Manager Of Software Engineering, Cirrus Logic, Scotland

Jim Rice

I learned the underlying essentials for success with Agile, and more importantly, for a significant and satisfying human existence.

Jim Rice
Change Champion/Agile Delivery Leader, Dublin, OH, USA

George L Reed

All of Christopher Avery’s work is instrumental in empowering and engaging leaders. When a candidate obtains these skills they immediately are a step above the others. A certification in these skills is a clear indication of future excellence.

George L Reed
Associate Director – It, Covance, Inc.

Daniela Stanojlovic

Gain insights about how and why you (and everybody else) are reacting when things go wrong at the job, in your life, in your family, etc..and how to impact others differently.

Daniela Stanojlovic
R&D Manager, Readsoft, Sweden

Molood Noori Alavijeh

“In my experience, awareness of The Responsibility Process has been a total game-changer to making communication (especially asynchronous communication) work in geographically distributed teams.”

Molood Noori Alavijeh
Conference organizer, Remote Forever Summit

Stephen Younge

The Responsibility Process served me well during a very rocky few months. Finding Responsibility (and Taking Wins) was a daily effort, but well worth it as a way to keep sane and use my ‘whole brain’ in solving the daily challenges and roadblocks of the job hunt. As I start my new job, I can use the Responsibility Process to build relationships quickly and contribute early. I’m looking forward to it!

Stephen Younge
Colorado-Based Agilist

Erik Talboom

The model presented in this workshop has become a key element of my path towards personal freedom and growth.

Erik Talboom
Co-Learning.be, Belgium

Jorg (Goodreads)

I catch myself every day a few times now justifying or blaming or feeling obliged to do something. And it works! Next day, I catch myself sooner and feel lighter and in control, owning the situation earlier than before… As an Agile Coach, [The Responsibility Process] will be very helpful to my future approaches of getting people on board in change & transition journeys.


Greg Cogdell & Jimmy Spabary

“Our approach to situations is now completely different, and we owe that to you.”

Greg Cogdell & Jimmy Spabary
Close Colleagues at All Plastics

Kimchi Chow

I could not figure out how to be responsible and still do what I wanted to do instead of doing the things I am obligated to do. I now recognize that I have the choice, the freedom and the power to practice the responsibility process where my actions align with who I am and what I stand for. It’s liberating!

Kimchi Chow
Creator/Producer, Asian Women Of Power Podcast

Tim Miller

This has to be the most impactful training we have done in the seven years of our existence

Tim Miller
CEO, Rally Software

Werner Fischer

What a difference it makes when people in your team take Responsibility! Before the workshop, I was not aware.

Werner Fischer
Manager R&D, Thomas-Krenn.AG, AUSTRIA

Junilu Lacar

Go; this can change your whole outlook.

Junilu Lacar
Technical Leader, Cisco

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