Support for Agile Transitions

The Responsibility Process® drives true Agile adoption

A regular Responsibility practice gives you and the individuals, teams and organizations you work with the missing piece that’s essential for Agile to produce the results you seek — a simple-to-use framework that helps everyone on a team communicate constructively.

Every organization seeks new, powerful ways to thrive in today’s complex and uncertain environments.

To capitalize on the benefits afforded by an Agile approach, peaceful and ethical collaboration is essential.

Are you being asked to lead more and more change, faster and faster, but your teams are actually getting less done?

Without a Responsibility focus, these pressures produce unhealthy “coping states” where problems don’t get solved — only masked or avoided.

Operating out of Responsibility for self and others stops the insanity, even in challenging circumstances

You’ll live and work in a resourceful state where freedom, choice and power flow freely, and the people you lead become energized by change rather than exhausted from dealing with constant frustration and stress.

Ensure that your efforts to apply Agile principles result in sustainable, healthy relationships and high business value.

"Mastering personal responsibility is the foundation of Avery's work. Responsibility is also the most fundamental skill to behave in an agile manner. Every single agile tool I can offer a client is entirely negated if that client is operating non-responsibly. My ability to help depends on my ability to help rapidly guide the return to a place of personal responsibility. Avery's program is invaluable, the most useful coaching tool I've ever found."
Ashley Johnson
Senior Consultant at Industrial Logic, Inc. and Responsibility Immersion Faculty
"The Responsibility Process puts you in the driver’s seat again. Christopher Avery has a vast background in the matter and can introduce you step by step."
Filip Vertommen
Agile Program Manager, Vertof Consult, Belgium
"Awareness of The Responsibility Process has been a total game-changer to making communication (especially asynchronous communication) work in geographically distributed teams."
Molood Ceccarelli
CEO of Remote Forever and founder of Remote Forever Summit

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