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Productivity, attraction and retention improve within companies when leaders orient toward self-leadership, freedom, power and choice. The Responsibility Company offers clear, effective how-to consulting and training to transform your organization and results with The Responsibility Process.

Christopher Avery and his partners and team have helped companies around the world shift their corporate culture to value, support and celebrate Responsibility. They have learned to practice sustainable leadership development and cultivated truly responsible leaders at all levels.

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“Avery explains why being responsible is vastly different than taking responsibility. Being responsible is living up to cultural norms and expectations while taking responsibility is owning everything about your life!

Avery’s work elaborates on the history of accountability systems, explains why they don’t deliver results, and why they’re superfluous when a leader creates a culture of responsibility.

Best of all, Avery doesn’t just state that taking responsibility is necessary for the highest levels of personal and professional performance (as do many personal growth and leadership gurus). He provides a practical model – The Responsibility Process – that helps me understand how the mind thinks about responsibility and helps me to take responsibility in every area of life. Avery also provides a practical set of tools – including The Keys to Responsibility and Catch Sooner — that I use to work on and improve my own mastery of personal responsibility.”

Joseph C. Thomas
IT Manager for Special Projects at DTE Energy

“The material Christopher guided us to experience has proven to be quite sticky for DTE’s internal operations. Personnel originally exposed to the material as supervisors or managers are now directors driving big parts of our company.

The Responsibility concepts they learned to apply remain in use when we refuse, for example, to accept being motivated by obligation. From the executive level down to the teams, we value Responsibility as a core competency that creates the right context for performance.”

Steven Ambrose
VP & CIO, DTE Energy


Client Organizations Developing a Responsibility Culture

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