Certified Workshop Leader


Below is important information about certification and licensing.

Since this is a new service for us, I’ve kept it as simple and straight-forward as possible. We’ll work together to fill in the missing pieces. Please email me anytime with questions or comments, including ideas to improve this page.


Training the Trainer (TtT)

This refers to the workshop offered by The Responsibility Company™ to individual workshop leaders who want to pursue certification. It is the first step, and by itself does not convey certification.


This means you have demonstrated that you:

  • Are an accomplished facilitator of interpersonal workshops,
  • Have attended the workshop that you want to be certified to lead
  • Have attended the TtT session for that workshop,
  • Have activated your certification with us within 90 days after TtT (USD 997 annually). This certification includes full membership in The Leadership Gift Program™.

Content Licensing

This is available to Certified Workshop Leaders. When you schedule a workshop, we will invoice you or your employer (as agreed) for the license fee.

For the first delivery annually:

  • Two-day workshop = $1600 USD
  • One-day workshop = $800 USD
  • Half-day workshop = $400 USD

Each subsequent delivery within 1 year:

  • Two-day workshop = $800 USD
  • One-day workshop = $400 USD
  • Half-day workshop = $200 USD

For more flexibility, we may move to a per-contact-hour fee basis.

Anything missing? Let us know.

How we work together

Our preference is to work by relationship agreements rather than formal contracts


This initiative is part of our larger purpose to change the conversation worldwide about responsibility by promoting the understanding and application of The Responsibility Process and related material. You are now an important part of this purpose.


Our approach to quality includes both standardization and continuous improvement.

  1. The Responsibility Company™ maintains the core intellectual property (IP) provided to you. We ask that you honor that by using the names, titles, models, etc., as provided.
  2. I invite you and other Certified Workshop Leaders to innovate around the core IP. We welcome new tools, exercises, practices, and designs for delivery.
  3. The better you practice the material, the better you can teach, coach, and lead Responsibility. By including membership in The Leadership Gift™ Program and its worldwide community, we ask for your commitment to your own study. It is the fastest and best way we know to help you grow toward mastery.


You’ll want to join our Slack forum for Certified Workshop Leaders as soon as you are activated.

Delivery steps

Here is what our process currently looks like:

  1. You schedule a delivery and tell us the date and duration of the delivery.
  2. We will provide you with a URL for participant feedback.
  3. You deliver the workshop and have participants provide feedback before they leave. Then you offer our certificates.
  4. We send you feedback and invoice.
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