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We offer expertly facilitated online and (when conditions permit!) in-person workshops that help people around the world understand, teach, and master The Responsibility Process®.

The model presented in this workshop has become a key element of my path towards personal freedom and growth.

Erik Talboom,, Belgium

The Responsibility Process® is a great tool and easy language to communicate with your team. Something as complex as the 'human thought process' is very much simplified.

 Participant in one of our workshops led by Mike Edwards, Certified Trainer

Leading & Coaching Workshop

How to confidently get more done together with less stress and more fun

Sample Agenda

Morning Session
  • Check-in and coffee
  • Learning The Responsibility Process®
  • Applying The Responsibility Process® and Keys to Responsibility for self-leadership
  • Teaching The Responsibility Process® for shared understanding
Lunch Break — Afternoon Session
  • Responsibility ≠ Accountability
  • Agility and Responsibility
  • Elevating responsibility in others
  • Intervening as a leader or coach

Leaders and coaches in the Agile space and across industry sectors (financial services, education and government, to name a few)


Engaging 1-day, in-person or online workshop intensive delivered in English, German, Russian, Finnish, French, or Danish by a certified trainer in The Responsibility Process® providing potent original approaches and tools.

I learned the underlying essentials for success with Agile, and more importantly, for a significant and satisfying human existence.

Jim Rice, Change Champion/Agile Delivery Leader, Dublin, OH, USA

Powerful Teams Workshop

How to confidently get more done together with less stress and more fun

An engaging workshop intensive that internalizes a proven collaborative leadership framework.

Do you want to…
  • Understand why some teams generate a sense of shared responsibility while others don’t?
  • Discover powerful diagnostic and interpersonal tools you can use to build collaboration?
  • Have the skills to respond with calm, confident, effective action in difficult situations or conflicts?
  • Double your team leadership ability fast, then double it again?

Watch Christopher Avery introduce The Powerful Team Framework at the Path to Agility 2019 conference.


Leaders and team members at any level


Delivered in-person or online in English or Finnish by a certified trainer in The Responsibility Process®

2+ days

What a difference it makes when people in your team take Responsibility! Before the workshop, I was not aware.

Werner Fischer, Manager Research & Development, Thomas-Krenn.AG, Austria

Managing People

How to exercise personal power to get more done through others

Imagine an approach to people management rooted in self-leadership and personal responsibility. This approach gives the manager powerful first principles and wisdom they can use  to execute their manager role so that charges naturally respond.

It’s infectious. And it just makes sense.

No slide presentations — All flip charts, worksheets, self-reflection, and interaction. Participants leave with a documented action plan designed to cover three core competencies:

  • Enabling Employee Success
  • Leading Team with Values
  • Getting Work Done Through Others

Managers will level up their game in these areas:

  • How to welcome/onboard,
  • How to set goals/expectations, 
  • How to evaluate,  
  • How to plan compensation, 
  • How to give feedback,
  • How to improve performance, 
  • How to let people go
  • How to help people move up or out

Managers at every level


2 days, in person or online, delivered in English by a certified trainer in The Responsibility Process®

Go; this can change your whole outlook.

Junilu Lacar, Technical Leader, Cisco

Introduction to Responsibility

How to access freedom, choice and power in any situation

A deep dive into the material presented in Christopher Avery’s book The Responsibility Process: Unlocking Your Natural Ability to LIVE and LEAD with POWER revealing a natural mental pattern that helps you process thoughts about taking or avoiding responsibility so you can navigate and develop a practice that will serve you throughout your personal and professional life.

Take this quick self-assessment
  • How much of your effort produces meaningful results?
  • Do you sometimes feel apathetic, like you are just marking time?
  • Do you ever use unhealthy means to cope with stress?
  • Do you spend time overanalyzing the decisions of others around you?
  • Do you wish that life simply made more sense?

Reflecting on your responses, can you identify one or more ways The Responsibility Process speaks to your honest desire to change?


Every employee, leader, and coach — from the front line to the boardroom in public, private, government and education.


Half-day, in person or online, delivered in English, German, Russian, Finnish, French, or Danish by a certified trainer in The Responsibility Process®

Gain insights about how and why you (and everybody else) are reacting when things go wrong at the job, in your life, in your family, etc..and how to impact others differently.

Daniela Stanojlovic R&D Manager, Readsoft, Sweden

Ready for some of the hardest and most rewarding work you'll ever do?

I am interested in self-leadership aspects of teamwork so I can bring more freedom, choice and power to the teams I lead.

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Responsibility Immersion

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