Space: Winning

“Between stimulus and response is a space.
In that space is the freedom and power to choose.”

Steven Covey

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Let’s talk about winning. Most people would say that they want to be a winner. They’d say they want to be on a winning team. 

But most people don’t practice winning, most people practice losing. 

We’re really good at noticing everything that’s not supporting us. We’re great at noticing all the little troubles, all the problems- all the stuff happening in our lives that’s blocking us from having what we want. We notice those blocks, we voice them, and we complain about them.

Not many people actually notice the degree to which they are creating exactly what they want in their life. When we start noticing how much of our lives we’re creating, we start feeling like winners. So what does that take?

It’s super simple, so simple that you’ll be tempted to reject it as an idea. And yet, it’s one of the most important practices that we teach in all of our programs, and that is to claim wins.

We define a win as an intention met, something we intended to happen and it did; or something we intended not to happen that didn’t.

I am winning all day long, every day, not because I’m so smart and brilliant – but because I’ve been practicing responsibility long enough that I know that I’m creating my own experience.

I’ve been shaping my experience so that I really like my life.

A win doesn’t have a size, a win is just an intention met.

I had a really long day of meetings inside, and I decided to go for a walk. That’s a win.

I’m outdoors on this gorgeous day, and that’s a win.

It’s been cloudy for two weeks here in Austin, and it turned sunny this afternoon, that’s a win. I’ve got sore leg muscles from the exercise that I did this week, and that’s a win.

I’m figuring out how to pivot in this time of uncertainty in our business, that’s a win.

So here’s something that you can do starting today. Set a reminder at least once a day, and just stop and identify wins from the last 24 hours.

The wins don’t have to be gargantuan. It can be, “I know how to button my shirt.”

Before you laugh at that, I have friends who have other abilities and are unable to button their own shirt. So for me, buttoning my shirt is a win.

Set a timer and set a number of wins to claim – whether that’s two, five, or ten, and do it. I know somebody that claims 25 wins before they get out of bed!

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