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“Anxiety is really important to understand if you’re into self-growth – for change, improvement, and leadership.”

Christopher Avery



Let’s talk about anxiety. Anxiety is really important to understand if you’re into self-growth – for change, improvement, and leadership.

Every time something goes wrong, every time we’re not getting what we want, we feel anxiousness. I call it angst. So the technical term would be angst or anxiety.

Here’s the cool thing about it: while growing up in society, we tend to learn to cope with anxiety.

We learn to run away from it, to avoid it, to try and vent it out, rather than actually examining it. When we examine it, we can see what it’s telling us, and do something about it.

So instead of running away from our anxiety, let’s welcome it.

Now I don’t mean huge levels of chronic, painful, generalized anxiety.

I mean the little, everyday anxieties when things go wrong.

Here’s one thing that you can do today.

Today when you feel anxious, or feel your heart come into your throat, or notice that you’re concerned about safety, control or approval – stop.

Stop and ask yourself, what’s this telling me?

What’s this telling me about what change is ahead for me, or about where I want to lead myself, or what there is for me to grow into.

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