Space: Being

“Between stimulus and response is a space.
In that space is the freedom and power to choose.”

Steven Covey



Every day I see smart, ambitious, high wage earning, people who are living lives that they don’t love.

They don’t like their careers, they’re dissatisfied with other aspects of their lives, and they don’t think they can change it. They don’t know how to change it.

A long time ago, I learned of the three conditions of existence; be, do, and have – or being, doing, and having.

In the West we tend to focus on doing.

We create this equation that says, if I just do more, then I’ll have what I want. Then I’ll be happy. That equation is false.

Starting with being is more effective.

If I put in the work to discover who I really am, and then act (or do) from that place of being, things will start falling into place for me.

Here’s something that you can do about that today.

Focus some attention on who you are and whether you are being in alignment with yourself. Are you being whole? Are you being complete?

Ask yourself if you’re really living according to your true values, or if you’re compromising them in order to do what you think you’re “supposed” to do.

Create a reminder for yourself on one of your devices that pops up every few hours and reminds you to ask “Who am I being right now?”

Maybe you’ve been out of touch with your incredible genius because it hasn’t fit into the way you’re doing things.

What is your incredible inspiration? What are you doing to satisfy it?

Give yourself permission to prioritize satisfying your inspiration.

I often hear people in the organizations I work with saying “It’s insane around here.”

My response to that is always “Then what are you doing here?” You have a right to your own sanity.

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