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We promise that the mental state of Responsibility is the mental state of freedom, power, and choice. What does that mean? If you take our definition, Responsibility is owning your power and ability to create, choose and attract.

Through our beliefs, filters and positive and negative programs – we are always completely creating, choosing, and attracting our experience.

In other words, our outer world exactly matches our inner world.

What we’re experiencing in the outer matches the inner expectations – both conscious and unconscious.

We are amazingly powerful all the time, even if we’re not giving ourselves credit for it.

Start giving yourself credit for the life you’re creating. All the good, and all the stuff you’re not as crazy about. The stuff you’re coping with.

Examine your reality.

Are you willing to ask the question, what do I want about this? What is there for me to learn about this? What is there for me to grow into around this? What is there for me to overcome in this challenge?

When you start to ask those questions, then you start to actually use your power consciously. Most of us are using our power unconsciously to stay stuck.

So here’s what you can start doing today.

You can start taking ownership of all of it, all the good and all the bad.

With the bad stuff, let go of the Blame. Let go of the Justify. Let go of the Shame. It’s not about fault, right? It’s about where you are now.

You’re the only one who can overcome your challenges and change your life. I’m powerful enough to do that. You’re powerful enough to do that.

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