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Know the Difference Between Wicked and Tame Problems

Have you ever tried to solve a problem that defied you? If so, it might have been a “wicked” problem and you might have been approaching it with a “tame” problem mindset. Here’s an intro to understanding the difference between wicked and tame problems.

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Leadership Skills: How to Handle a Difficult or Lazy Team Member

Most people I talk to are uncertain about how to behave powerfully in shared responsibility situations. Would you like some help with that?

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Leadership Skills: 5 Reasons for Taking Responsibility for Your Team’s Performance

Are you tired of hearing, and maybe even saying, “I got put on a bad team?” I am. It’s the most common excuse for non-performance I hear from highly skilled professionals.

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Why don’t people take responsibility?

The reason that people don’t take responsibility is because they have a problem, and they’re trying to solve the problem, and they’re reacting from below the line.

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