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What do you mean by Intention as a key to Responsibility?

Most people don’t learn to develop their power of Intention in school, and may never do so unless they get involved in personal growth, leadership development, or spiritual development programs.

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Is it possible to stop triggering The Responsibility Process?

Question: Is it possible to become so professional in practicing this process that we are able to avoid the first step, which is defining the issue as a problem?

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How do you practice Responsibility in wartime? Part 2

The invitation to work in a Mastery Group is some form of the question, “Who has something that’s not quite right in your world?” Another version of the question is, “Whose mind keeps chewing on some issue or problem that you wish you could be done chewing on so you can free up that mental space?”

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How do you practice Responsibility in wartime?

I am Ukrainian and have worked as a life coach for several years. Unfortunately, due to the war in Ukraine, I have many requests from my clients, like feeling lost in life and career, losing hope, blaming others, being overwhelmed by hate around, and too much pressure and obligation because life has become so unpredictable.

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Coping is Overrated

Coping is overrated. But you are likely an expert at it. Why? Because our society teaches that coping with “stuff” we don’t want is a success strategy. (I don’t buy it.)

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What if nothing’s wrong with you?

You are always doing the best you know how (in each moment, given your consciousness and the context). Try that on. You may be thinking: I’m not sure I ALWAYS do my best. No. That’s not what the principle says.

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Infinite Choices

When you really truly get that you have infinite choices available to you all day, every day, and that each one can create an entirely new path, then you can sense the beginning of true freedom. You can start to take charge of your life.

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Guidance for Teaching Responsibility

Here’s a brief guide to benefit anyone who wants to teach others about Responsibility. Everyone, including you, has the opportunity to teach Responsibility.

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Tools and resources I like, Happy New Year 2022

You will find 27 links to books, apps, and tools that you may find valuable. Where relevant, I explore how that item can support your Responsibility-thinking practice.

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