Barbara Misiur

I’m the best version of myself. Working with The Responsibility Process is one of the best things that has happened in my life. Thank you […]

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Stephen Younge

The Responsibility Process served me well during a very rocky few months. Finding Responsibility (and Taking Wins) was a daily effort, but well worth it […]

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Kimchi Chow

I could not figure out how to be responsible and still do what I wanted to do instead of doing the things I am obligated […]

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Jorg (Goodreads)

I catch myself every day a few times now justifying or blaming or feeling obliged to do something. And it works! Next day, I catch […]

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Towo Toivola

I gained more ability, but more importantly, my quality of life has increased significantly and continues to do so. Today I am happier, healthier and […]

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Ian Brockbank

A year ago, I was struggling. I was overwhelmed by problems and demands, I wasn’t happy with the direction my job was going. In the […]

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Curtis Verstraete

It gave me a fundamental capability that now I wonder how I ever managed to do without.

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Craig Dial

Having a Responsibility practice is like having a treasure map that actually works – you find so much more gold than stumbling around in the […]

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Daniela Stanojlovic

Gain insights about how and why you (and everybody else) are reacting when things go wrong at the job, in your life, in your family, […]

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