The Responsibility Process

The Responsibility Process Book

The Responsibility Process: Unlocking Your Natural Ability to LIVE and LEAD with POWER

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Leadership is innate. The Responsibility Process proves it.

The Responsibility Process is a natural mental pattern that helps you process thoughts about taking or avoiding responsibility. How you navigate it determines whether you are leading toward meaningful results or just marking time. This book gives you precision tools, practices, and leadership truths to navigate The Responsibility Process and lead yourself and others to freedom, power, and choice.

This book is a great self-study introduction to The Respo0nsibility Process, so it’s a great starting point for people who don’t have time to join a course and who learn well by reading.

What do people say about The Responsibility Process  book?

Joe Thomas says:

Avery explains why being responsible is vastly different than taking responsibility. Being responsible is living up to cultural norms and expectations while taking responsibility is owning everything about your life!

Avery is the first author I’ve found that makes a meaningful leadership distinction between accountability and responsibility. Avery uses the roots of these two words to explain the difference. And leadership is all about making distinctions in the minds of people!

Oluf Nissen says:

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