What We Do With Your Email Address

What We Do With Your Email Address

The more we study Responsibility the more respect we gain for you, and for your freedom, choice, and power. Therefore, we are evolving how we treat your email address — and you.

This article outlines our evolving policy and practice.

Marketing Policy: Respect

The Responsibility Company commits to market with the highest standards of integrity, authenticity, and transparency. We honor your humanity, intelligence, and free will. We respect you, your priceless attention, and your choices.

This means we run a confirmed (double) opt-in contact database and are extremely respectful in our messaging. A smart pivot to love and respect — not psychological ploys meant to induce an impulsive sale — brings us the customers we most want to serve. 

We never provide your email address to any other party. 

You can always choose to stop receiving our emails by clicking the unsubscribe link at the end of every broadcast email.

We comply with international and local laws, regulations, and customs. We welcome input from your area of the world.

We consistently evolve our practices based on the most responsible, loving, and respectful approaches available.

No unwanted emails

We like this definition of spam: “any unwanted email from a company or website”. To honor and respect you, your priceless attention, and your choice, we are taking a number of steps to eliminate spam complaints. 

(We enjoy already low spam complaints. We’re taking them even lower.)


  • By using only confirmed opt-in, explained below, we make it a little harder for us to get and use your email address by asking your explicit permission not once, but twice.
  • Before you give us your email address we tell you what content and frequency to expect from us.
  • We send valuable content much more frequently than we send offers.
  • We continuously discern what our audience likes and doesn’t like, and adjust what we send.

Confirmed Opt-in

We send news, announcements, and content emails only to contacts who have completed a confirmed (or double) opt-in process. A customer who does not confirm their email address will receive only product/service related information and nothing else.

“Confirmed opt-in” means that you give us explicit permission twice:  

  1. First, on our website when you complete a web-form. 
  2. Then again when you receive a confirmation email with a link that you must click to complete the fulfillment process. 

Only then will you receive any promised free resource and be added to our database.

The benefit to you is that you are protected from being added to our database in any other way (for instance, by us buying and using a list, or by someone else or a bot entering your email address in our web form). The downside for you is that if you don’t see the confirmation email (it might go to junk or spam filters, or you delete it as uninteresting), then the request that you initiate will not complete.

The benefit to us is that we have a much higher quality audience. The downside to us is that we have a smaller audience due to drops or failures in the two-step process.


What you read on our website, see in videos, and receive in emails, texts/SMS, or social media reflects this policy of honor, respect, love, and choice. We want to support you for a long time in learning about Responsibility-thinking, building your Responsibility practice, and changing your world.

Content and frequency

We’re upping our game in terms of sending you valuable content more frequently. You might receive multiple emails from us in a week, maybe even multiple emails in a day. 

The majority of these are pure content, meant to help you learn about Responsibility-thinking and build your Responsibility practice. Every now and then we send an offer-focused email (and the offer respects your humanity and intelligence).

Thank you

We acknowledge you and appreciate your interest. Let us know what you think. Send a note to hello@responsibility.com

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“Between stimulus and response is a space.
In that space is the freedom and power to choose.”

Steven Covey
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