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Flawless Team Building

Our April 28-29 workshop sold out in 9 DAYS so we’ve added another session!

Yes, you can build any team, any time. No magic required. It’s a skill you can learn.

 Team Orientation Process

Learn, then practice the step-by-step team leadership process and activities to build a cohesive, high-performance team that will succeed with clear agreements and shared responsibility.

Accelerate Buy-in

Refocus and drive performance on existing teams at every level. Best of all, every team you ever lead or become a part of will start off strong — and you’ll achieve so much more together.

Our Secret Ingredient

The Responsibility Process

You’ll learn exactly how each of us takes (or avoids taking) responsibility for our teams, activities, interactions, choices — and lives.  The Team Orientation Process will unlock your own potential and show others how to unlock theirs.


Reliably produce results that matter because you understand exactly what to do when you share responsibility with others.


When you know how shared responsibility works, you become larger than any team problem and can overcome any team challenge.


When you are clearer about what to do to move forward, you experience less anxiety.


Being a part of a great team is never boring. It’s rewarding and feels effortless even though you are intensely focused and working hard.


VPs, Directors, Team Leads, ScrumMasters, Agile Coaches, Project Managers, and professionals who work in teams to get things done

You Will
  • Understand why a team does or doesn’t generate a felt sense of shared responsibility
  • Have diagnostic and interpersonal tools you can use to build collaboration
  • Know there is always an effective action you can take to build any team, at any time
  • Get your own work done easier, faster, and better when dependent on others
  • Surround yourself with team members who take ownership
  • Move past upsets and frustrations faster, more naturally, and with less residue
  • Know how and when to gently contribute or, if necessary, take charge to get folks aligned and moving forward
  • Gain respect and put yourself in the position to be promoted
The Responsibility Process Poster

Barbara Misiur

I’m the best version of myself. Working with The Responsibility Process is one of the best things that has happened in my life. Thank you so much.

Barbara Misiur
Scrum Mastery, ScrumCenter, Zielona Góra, Lubuskie, Poland
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Flawless Team Building

Workshop Only

3-Day Session
10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
CDT (UTC -5)

$997.00 USD

20% discount for 2 or more ($797 each)

Workshop + Training The Trainer

5-Day Session
10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
CDT (UTC -5)

$2,194.00 USD

Bring this workshop to your clients or organization

Registration Includes
  • Intensive hands-on proven-on-the-front-lines-of-leadership skill-building.
  • A valuable image-based (i.e., not full of words) participant manual containing your own notes. Many graduates report referencing theirs for years afterward.
  • Certificate of Completion. Participants who fully engage in the entire intensive workshop from beginning to end will receive a certificate you can use to claim PDUs or continuing education credits from your professional association.
  • Leadership skills based on what works naturally (called "is"-based) as opposed to "should"-based models requiring everyone to read the same book or attend the same training.
  • Your own electronic copy of Christopher's book Teamwork Is An Individual Skill: Getting Your Work Done When Sharing Responsibility to reference and reinforce your continued learning after the intensive.
  • Your own electronic copy of The Leader's Guide supplement to Teamwork Is An Individual Skill for role-specific guidance about how to apply the principles in the book (and training intensive).
  • Invitation to a private 60–75 minute follow-up session with Christopher Avery and your classmates a few weeks following the live session. You will have the unique opportunity to ask questions after having an opportunity to apply your new leadership skills on the job.


Hands On Instruction

Live. Highly interactive. Practice with new team building tools.

  • Apply The Responsibility Process® when things go wrong so you can get the team moving forward again immediately.
  • Take ownership for the productivity of your team, no matter your role.
  • Get others to show you their most responsible behavior rapidly so you'll have confidence in your peer leadership abilities.
  • Practice the 5 highest leverage activities you can do to build any team any time.
  • Learn the keys to building your team without taking time away from work for team building activities so you don't have to sacrifice productive time together.
  • Rethink how you define a team (by its members or by the collective task?). It will change how you view team performance.
  • Discover why team member motivation is more critical to project team success than technical skill and expertise so that you can master dealing with issues of peer motivation.
  • Understand and master the universal keys to motivating peers who don't report to you.
  • Create contexts that drive healthy team dynamics of trust, respect for individuals, and goodwill and cooperation.
  • Understand and capitalize on the huge inventory of talents, skills, characteristics, preferences, strengths, and abilities that others bring to your team.


Day 1
10:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • Team Orientation Process℠
  • Predicting group cohesion
  • Team building confidence
Day 2
10:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • Shared task clarity
  • Realizing intrinsic motivations
  • Designer norms
Day 3
10:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • Clear & elevating goal
  • Gifts and differences
  • Reorienting

About Your Instructor

Christopher Avery, Ph.D.


Hundreds of organizations worldwide rely on Christopher Avery and his team to apply The Responsibility Process to establish a high-functioning culture that achieves personal, team and organizational transformation and retain talent.

A speaker with wisdom and charisma, Christopher rivets audiences interested in agility, effective leadership (not more leaders), and driving results that benefit the organization and the employees.

When you study with Christopher you get a long-time student of The Responsibility Process who has taught it online for 11 years. So, you'll get a deeper experience than with many online-all-of-a-sudden online programs. But that’s not all. We're consulting with some of the top experts in online learning and facilitation to up our game for you. And we're redesigning the online experience for this workshop from scratch.

Greg Cogdell & Jimmy Spabary

“Our approach to situations is now completely different, and we owe that to you.”

Greg Cogdell & Jimmy Spabary
Close Colleagues at All Plastics

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Frequently Asked

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancel more than 4 weeks in advance of the workshop for a full refund. Cancel after 4 weeks and you’ll have full credit toward a future workshop.

Are there group discounts?

Yes, we offer a 20% discounts for groups of 2 or more. Please contact us if you have larger groups that you want to train.

Can I get access to this material to train my team?

Yes! We provide a training the trainer workshop for both internal training of company employees and companies in the training business who deliver private or public workshops.

First, you attend the Flawless Team Building workshop as a participant. Then, on the following day, you attend the training the trainer workshop. If you have already attended the workshop as a participant but it has been more than 90 days ago, contact us for special pricing for you to attend.

Once you have completed the training, you must activate your certification to license the training materials and become part of The Leadership Gift Program.

Contact us for complete details or other questions.

Is this training eligible for PMI continuing education credits (PDUs)?

Yes! Although we are not a PMI Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) this workshop qualifies as an Instructor-led formal education course for the Leadership area of focus for the PMI Talent Triangle.

Each hour of instruction is worth one PDU, so this 9-hour workshop is worth 9 PDUs. We provide for your records a Certificate of Completion when you finish the workshop.

Do you offer 1-on-1 coaching?

What are the technical requirements to join this workshop online?

We will be using Zoom to facilitate this workshop:

  • An internet connection – broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE)
  • Speakers and a microphone – built-in or USB plug-in or wireless Bluetooth
  • A webcam or HD webcam – built-in or USB plug-in
  • Or, a HD cam or HD camcorder with video capture card

See full list of compatibility requirements here.

Event sold out? Unable to attend?

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